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  1. Apresentação Dinho

  2. Bloquear Entrada Em Mapas

    Ok. For the moment you need build the source to add a new map, in this system. I ask, is possible to do this system but with a table (navicat) , to add map and level, like this, you don't need build source.
  3. Bloquear Entrada Em Mapas

    Hello, thank's for the tutorial. I have a question, is possible to do it with a mysql table? thank's
  4. Presentation Nemya

  5. Presentation Nemya

    Hé, I don't know you have a board, it 's nice. Thank's to accept me
  6. Presentation Nemya

    Hi, My name Nemya ( ok not the real Name ) I'm 26 yers old ( is real) A learn python, I'm beginner

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