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  1. Thank you for your answer. As you said people sometimes press outside the game window while doing metins just to let the character kill it but the time to kill a metin will be max 2-3 minutes not more, all the other things like doing boss, exp and pvp or dungeon will need your presence at 100%. If the player will fail to verify the code his damage output will be 0 so even if the bot will start again to attack the damage that he will deal will be 0. Anyway it can be the easier system we have but it's really complex to fit perfectly in the game at the moment. We are thinking about some changes: - The pop-up will appear more often as the difficulty to press it's really easy. - The pop-up will appear just in particular map. - The pop-up will ask to press with Right Click or Left Click If you have any other suggestion just let me know! Antasya2 - Staff
  2. Anti-Bot system The system was suggested by luca5997, user in another community that I thank a lot for this Idea. Every x minutes that can be 10 or 60 or more (is random) will pop-up as in the screen a window that will ask to verify that you are playing effectively and that you aren't a bot. The window will appear randomly in all the game screen as it will be more difficult to bypass the confirmation. When the window will appear the character will stop to attack and to do damage (but we will test this out to see if is ok or we need to mody it) The system will be under observation and testing as we need to see if it will affect your game experience. We understand exactly the needs of the players so we already know what part of the game this system will affect like for example: - While doing a boss and will appear the window if the character stop damaging the boss this can affect negatively your game experience. - While doing some particular quests that have a timer, this system can make you fail them. Obviusly, if there is a real plaer behind the computer it will take 1 second to see the pop-up and less than 3 seconds to verify it but we think about every ting and we care a lot for our players. Antasya2 - Staff
  3. Thank you, we will need. I'm really happy you'd like the concept and I hope you will follow the updates too. For what concerns the early acces as I've explained in another platforms there will be differents types like: - Alpha closed -> till all the things will be setted up - Beta closed -> till all the bugs (almost) will be fixxed - Beta open -> till all the bugs (with lots of players) will be fixxed I've to say by the way that if in the Open Beta there won't be any BIG bug we can decide to keep it as an official start (keep these words as unsure, as I can't see the future hahaha)!
  4. Who we are? Antasya2 is a server formed by a group of people who are collaborating on the success of an interesting and innovative project. Staff is currently formed by: Phoenix - Team Manager Net - Developer Jfirewall - Developer Notoric - Mapper As for the In-Game part we have more than me, Team Manager, 2 guys who are following the project assiduously, such as: @Arcadius and @HazZarD. that I thanks so much for the time and the patience they have when I ask for advice or evaluations. How was it born? Actually, Antasya2 comes from an idea after closing Metin2Deluxe in 2011 of which I and Net were part of. After the closure, however, we were too demoralized and so we continued to work for fun, with no time limit and everything went off in the deepest abyss. Arrived today instead the project is continuing to grow, with advertising, work by developers and mappers who are putting everything themselves into the project and we are slowly giving shape to our project. Our concept of servers We as staffers have well in mind the type of server that we will offer, by convention we have called it a Middle-School but I leave to you the last word. The fundamental points we are working on are the following: Customize your character and make it unique and not the same as everyone else Offer a long-lasting gameplay that is not saturated within a month Events, Systems, Different modes, which allow you to always have something to do These are 3 fundamental points on which our project is based on. Antasya2 - The Project Maximum Level: 110 (1st Expansion) Middle-School Server with Hard and long-last gameplay Presence of 2 Kingdoms: Wabi - Merak (Green - Orange) Main villages modified and adapted to our needs, location of the Biologist inside the village with Baek-Go near, some accesses and bridges are blocked, the respawn of mobs and metins modified completely. The Main villages will be divided into zones, the central part will be that of the first levels with the easy monsters, just across the bridges you will find the monsters of the classic Map 2. The Map 2 and the Eids are eliminated. All the Official maps almost eliminated. New maps starting from lv.25 (following Map 1). Gameplay designed from lv.1 to lv.110 to offer as much as possible you can do within the limits of metin2. 2 Expansions ready before the official opening of the server. All the classic systems have been reviewed and adapted to the needs of our server. Many new systems will be added, such as Buffi System, Special Inventory, Easter Eggs and much more. Official Discord [Hidden Content] Official Telegram [Hidden Content] Our Systems The Horse Mounts Biologist Quest Alchemy Karma System Buffi System Skill Upgrade Talismans
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