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  1. No worries, No-one else didn't replay to it so I'm assume no one want to help me with it ;) ;) Cheers
  2. @tierrilopes can you help ?? Thanks
  3. Compiled correct but client error , see below and I attached my uiinventory.py uiinventory.py
  4. There you go mate attached @tierrilopes biolog.cpp biolog.h
  5. Thanks for that did help but can you help with this ?
  6. Any one has this problem with compile ?? I have problem in char.cpp <-- I added all as the tutorial showed but still get the error . Much appreciate for your help guys ERROR _COMPILE_LOG: my char.cpp:
  7. EDIT: # PROBLEM SOLVED ! Any one can help me out with this ?? Adding this to my game: But my sysser is not great and my client going down : MY GAME.PY Much appreciate for your help guys
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