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  1. Source MartySama (2017)

    Someone have newer version ? v4 ?
  2. Hey ! I am not sure if this is the right place to post but i am looking for the martysama src & serverfiles v4 that were released some time ago on freakgamers and just4metin (see here: https://www.freakgamers.org/threads/martysama-serverfiles-sursav4-serverfiles-v4.13356/) there is a link around from just4metin but the mega key is wrong: mega.nz/#!K0kGzKxS!jEsH5lrHHjww4liOXW3Op5swzU4bNM3O9l0lWf384oM I am not looking for the old version that is released here but instead the newer one. If someone still has a valid link i'd highly appreciate it. If this thread is in the wrong section, my bad feel free to move it to the right one

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