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  1. Hi I tried to install offlineshop by ken I compiled the sever and client source successfully But I get error on client source Line 392: 16>PythonNetworkStreamPhaseGame.cpp(4212): warning C4800: 'unsigned char' : forcing value to bool 'true' or 'false' (performance warning) Line 392: 16>PythonNetworkStreamPhaseGame.cpp(4212): warning C4800: 'unsigned char' : forcing value to bool 'true' or 'false' (performance warning) This is my function where I get error I tried some fixes which I have commented now but it didn't help case SHOP_SUBHEADER_GC_CHECK_RESULT: { BYTE bHasOfflineShop; //BYTE bHasOfflineShop = 0; //BYTE bHasOfflineShop! = 0; //BYTE bHasOfflineShop! = NULL; if (!Recv(sizeof(BYTE), &bHasOfflineShop)) return false; TraceError("OfflineShopResult(%d)", bHasOfflineShop); CPythonPlayer::instance().SetHasOfflineShop(bHasOfflineShop); break; } Plz help
  2. Hi Recently I ma trying to install sash system on my source But I am getting error Screenshot_Sash System Compile Error can someone guide me on this forum
  3. On my server AUTH syserr I keep getting this error HandshakeProcess: handshake retry limit reached! (limit 32 character !NO CHARACTER!) I need sugggestions.Plz help
  4. Without knowing what header 66 is we cant solve this problem. I have high hope on tierri if he can answer it
  5. Always same Tierri that is 66 And in which file and at which place I have to use that above code.And what it does Please specify
  6. I keep getting this error on my server side Analyze: login phase does not handle this packet! header 66 I searched google but cant find a fix for it. I hope if anyone on this forum can help me
  7. Hi I am running a server and I need someone who can add systems to my server and clear some existing bugs The person should know c++ and and python program and if you have Lua knowledge its an added advantage Should have skype ID Will pay for the work via paypal PM me here on this forum
  8. I am posting a doubt after a long time.I want to hide some features on my client. 1.Hide player name and level cap 2.Hide monster level cap
  9. birender

    Granny 2.11.8

    What is the advantage of using this new granny version
  10. Hello there , I have a bug of duplication in offline shop. a players duplicates items using ken offline shop with refresh unsold items * i just need one command or coding that is if offline shop is opened that refresh unsold items must not allow items to remove that's it or * refresh unsold item box must not open when offline shop is opened and also if refresh unsold box is opened then offline shop should not be created can anyone made coding for that so it will avoid that duplication? [Hidden Content]
  11. birender

    Okay Cards Error

    how we know event is over? and where players can get reward?
  12. birender

    Okay Cards Error

    thanks its really that indentation is a trouble maker i cleared more than 100+ indents thanks now im able to run.. just i want to know how mobs drops those cards coz i tried its not dropping and how players can receive chest? coz once they complete 400+ points in each round they get boxes like Golden okey box but what about those chest Golden chest ?
  13. birender

    Okay Cards Error

    I have manged to install okay cards on my client but I get syserr on client. 1013 20:25:00191 :: system.py(line:313) RunMainScript system.py(line:230) execfile prototype.py(line:6) <module> system.py(line:177) __hybrid_import system.py(line:142) _process_result mouseModule.py(line:12) <module> system.py(line:177) __hybrid_import system.py(line:142) _process_result ui.py(line:2230) <module> ui.py(line:2442) SlotWindow Run - <type 'exceptions.NameError'>:name 'CardIndex' is not defined 1013 20:25:07892 :: ============================================================================================================ 1013 20:25:07892 :: Abort!!!! Can someone guide me and give me a solution.
  14. I have compile the source and uploaded and waiting to see there are any rumors about item duplication. I have not heared anything so far.If anything I will update here.
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