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  1. Disponivel para vender o serviço de AntCheat ?
  2. (CLIENT) //Helia01 - Fix #define ENABLE_ERROR_PROPERTY_FILENAME //show folder if we have error propperty! #define ENABLE_CLIPBOARD //enable copy and past without bugs. #define ENABLE_CHECK_MOBPROTO_STRUCT //fix freezing client if mobproto struct is err. #define ENABLE_FIX_BUG_MINIMIZE #define ENABLE_REGISTER_EFFECT_LOG //register effect to log.txt #define ENABLE_QUEST_SPEED // #define ENABLE_AGGREGATE_MONSTER_EFFECT #define ENABLE_NEW_MOUNT_ROTATION_SPEED // #define ENABLE_TAB_TARGETING //like gf #define ENABLE_PACKET_DUMP //enable dump packets. #define ENABLE_LOG_TXT //enable or comment this for disable. #define ENABLE_NEW_SEQUENCE_TABLE //new sequence table (because standart is shit) #define ENABLE_MAINTENANCE_SYSTEM #define ENABLE_FIX_CREATE_NO_APPROPRIATE_DEVICE //fix this bug. (600x800 win 8 and etc.) #define ENABLE_SWITCHER_MIJAGO // just enable switcher by mijago. #define FIX_CHECK_EMPTY_TEXTURESET //fix textureset is empty! #define ENABLE_CLIENT_PROTECTION //enable client protect. //some settings// #ifdef ENABLE_TAB_TARGETING #define VICTIM_TARGET_SELECT_RANGE_MAX 3000 #endif #ifdef ENABLE_RACE_HEIGHT #define RACE_HEIGHT_MOUNT_MIN 20110 #define RACE_HEIGHT_MOUNT_MAX 20266 #endif #ifdef ENABLE_CLIENT_PROTECTION #define ENABLE_CHECK_FILES_MD5 //fix python injection and some replacement files. //#define ENABLE_FIX_YMIRWORK_HACK_DIR //fix use windows local disk d for hack(client). (some shit boost errors). #endif // SERVER #define ENABLE_AGGREGATE_MONSTER_EFFECT #define ENABLE_MAINTENANCE_SYSTEM //Hello Vegas #define ENABLE_FIX_QUICK_SLOT //fix bug. (but this not work). #define ENABLE_IGNORE_LOWER_BUFFS //Hello Vegas #define ENABLE_FIX_CHANGE_SKILL_GROUP //quest side. #define ENABLE_FIX_MOB_LOCK // hack fix. #define ENABLE_FIX_KICK_HACK //hack fix. #define ENABLE_FIX_GHOSTMODE //hack fix. #define ENABLE_FIX_ANTIWALL_HACK //hack fix. #define ENABLE_FIX_ANTI_LONG_NAME //hack fix. #define ENABLE_FIX_MINING_BOT //hack fix. #define ENABLE_FIX_FISHING_WITHOUT_WATER //hack fix. #define ENABLE_FIX_ANTISAFEZONE //hack fix. #endif 2. recompile and replace lib(python) 3. repack client (clean root) and fix errors with property,maps,textureset,terrain. 4. fix effects bug. 5. remove shit "system panel" and enable belt system. 6. "encrypted" account data. in file: accounts.ini 7. I created new script for recompile all client: ArchivePath\MakePack\#repack all.bat <- (please use this) 8. enable compression for db and game files. fix more 60 small errors. (client and server side). */ LINKS: 1- [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] 2- [Hidden Content]
  3. Problema Resolvido, obrigado. obrigado. Resolveu o Problema
  4. gmake[1]: Entering directory '/mainline_source/mainline_released/mainline_sg/Srcs/Server/game/src' makedepend -f Depend -I../../../Extern/include/boost -I../../libdevil -I../../libmysql/7.x-5.1.35 -I../../../Extern/include -I../../libhackshield/include -I../../libxtrap/include -I../../liblua/include -I/usr/local/include -L/usr/local/lib/mysql -I../../libserverkey -I/usr/include/c++/3.3 -I/usr/include/c++/4.2 -pOBJDIR/ BattleArena.cpp FSM.cpp MarkConvert.cpp MarkImage.cpp MarkManager.cpp OXEvent.cpp TrafficProfiler.cpp ani.cpp arena.cpp banword.cpp battle.cpp blend_item.cpp block_country.cpp buffer_manager.cpp building.cpp castle.cpp char.cpp char_affect.cpp char_battle.cpp char_change_empire.cpp char_horse.cpp char_item.cpp char_manager.cpp char_quickslot.cpp char_resist.cpp char_skill.cpp char_state.cpp PetSystem.cpp cmd.cpp cmd_emotion.cpp cmd_general.cpp cmd_gm.cpp cmd_oxevent.cpp config.cpp constants.cpp crc32.cpp cube.cpp db.cpp desc.cpp desc_client.cpp desc_manager.cpp desc_p2p.cpp dev_log.cpp dungeon.cpp empire_text_convert.cpp entity.cpp entity_view.cpp event.cpp event_queue.cpp exchange.cpp file_loader.cpp fishing.cpp gm.cpp guild.cpp guild_manager.cpp guild_war.cpp horse_rider.cpp horsename_manager.cpp input.cpp input_auth.cpp input_db.cpp input_login.cpp input_main.cpp input_p2p.cpp input_teen.cpp input_udp.cpp ip_ban.cpp item.cpp item_addon.cpp item_attribute.cpp item_manager.cpp item_manager_idrange.cpp locale.cpp locale_service.cpp log.cpp login_data.cpp lzo_manager.cpp marriage.cpp matrix_card.cpp messenger_manager.cpp mining.cpp mob_manager.cpp monarch.cpp motion.cpp over9refine.cpp p2p.cpp packet_info.cpp party.cpp passpod.cpp pcbang.cpp polymorph.cpp priv_manager.cpp pvp.cpp questevent.cpp questlua.cpp questlua_affect.cpp questlua_arena.cpp questlua_ba.cpp questlua_building.cpp questlua_danceevent.cpp questlua_dungeon.cpp questlua_forked.cpp questlua_game.cpp questlua_global.cpp questlua_guild.cpp questlua_horse.cpp questlua_pet.cpp questlua_item.cpp questlua_marriage.cpp questlua_mgmt.cpp questlua_monarch.cpp questlua_npc.cpp questlua_oxevent.cpp questlua_party.cpp questlua_pc.cpp questlua_quest.cpp questlua_target.cpp questmanager.cpp questnpc.cpp questpc.cpp refine.cpp regen.cpp safebox.cpp sectree.cpp sectree_manager.cpp sequence.cpp shop.cpp skill.cpp start_position.cpp target.cpp text_file_loader.cpp trigger.cpp utils.cpp vector.cpp war_map.cpp wedding.cpp xmas_event.cpp version.cpp panama.cpp threeway_war.cpp map_location.cpp auth_brazil.cpp BlueDragon.cpp BlueDragon_Binder.cpp DragonLair.cpp questlua_dragonlair.cpp HackShield.cpp HackShield_Impl.cpp char_hackshield.cpp skill_power.cpp affect.cpp SpeedServer.cpp questlua_speedserver.cpp XTrapManager.cpp auction_manager.cpp FileMonitor_FreeBSD.cpp ClientPackageCryptInfo.cpp cipher.cpp buff_on_attributes.cpp check_server.cpp dragon_soul_table.cpp DragonSoul.cpp group_text_parse_tree.cpp char_dragonsoul.cpp questlua_dragonsoul.cpp shop_manager.cpp shopEx.cpp item_manager_read_tables.cpp minilzo.c main.cpp test.cpp 2> /dev/null > Depend Makefile:154: recipe for target 'dep' failed gmake[1]: *** [dep] Error 127 gmake[1]: Leaving directory '/mainline_source/mainline_released/mainline_sg/Srcs/Server/game/src' Makefile:53: recipe for target 'game' failed gmake: *** [game] Error 2 [email protected]:/mainline_source/mainline_released/mainline_sg/Srcs/Server # - Alguem que possa dar um help?
  5. 1002 20:34:00671 :: ui:2815: RuntimeWarning: tp_compare didn't return -1 or -2 for exception 1002 20:34:00673 :: introLogin.py(line:511) __LoadScript ui.py(line:2808) LoadScriptFile ui.py(line:2998) LoadChildren ui.py(line:2998) LoadChildren ui.py(line:2815) LoadChildren LoginWindow.__LoadScript.LoadObject - <type 'exceptions.OverflowError'>:Python int too large to convert to C long 1002 20:34:00673 :: ============================================================================================================ 1002 20:34:00673 :: Abort!!!! ERRO após executar binário novaline, sem modificação.
  6. Boa tarde, gostaria de por uma imagem do item nos acessórios, ex: um colar de ouro no colar e assim por diante. Como na imagem abaixo, cabelo onde tem a imagem de um penteado.
  7. Bom dia, adicionei o parâmetro na Quest, porém não apareceu nada. Alguém sabe o pq? addimage(20, 12, minha img.tga")
  8. Bom, por padrão os npcs usam a bandeira dos reinos, criei uma nova bandeira para os npcs, onde posso alterar?
  9. alguem? pra ajudar segue arquivo sistema : ENABLE_MDE_EFFECT playersettingmodule.py
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