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  1. Read the rules, and you will know why.
  2. Doesn't matter where do you put the postfix, which is always empty string.
  3. Read the rules, you can find it there.
  4. Missing parts for overin-tooltips: char __thiscall CButton::SetUp(int this) { int v1; // esi _DWORD *v2; // eax v1 = this; CButton::SetCurrentVisual((signed int *)this, (float *)(this + 184)); *(_DWORD *)(v1 + 172) = 0; // m_isPressed v2 = (_DWORD *)BuildEmptyTuple(); return PyCallClassMemberFunc(*(_DWORD **)(v1 + 96), (int)"OnMouseOverOut", v2); } // void CButton::SetUp() { SetCurrentVisual(&m_upVisual); m_isPressed = FALSE; PyCallClassMemberFunc(m_poHandler, "OnMouseOverOut", BuildEmptyTuple()); } char __thiscall CButton::Over(char *this) { char *v1; // esi _DWORD *v2; // eax v1 = this; CButton::SetCurrentVisual((signed int *)this, (float *)this + 57); v2 = (_DWORD *)BuildEmptyTuple(); return PyCallClassMemberFunc(*((_DWORD **)v1 + 24), (int)"OnMouseOverIn", v2); } // void CButton::Over() { SetCurrentVisual(&m_overVisual); PyCallClassMemberFunc(m_poHandler, "OnMouseOverIn", BuildEmptyTuple()); }
  5. It's working with bitmaps only. The color what you give at constructor of the class is the color of that pixel which will be transparent. Basically it's RGB(255, 0, 255) -> Pink
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