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  1. Every time you start server, you need to clean you server from syserr, syslog and .core, in this way you can know exactly what error is "born" in last start
  2. Read from different locale_string can be doing without problem, also read item name when you pickup can be read from locale proto instead of DB... I tried to add client part for flag and this is a problem for me. Anyway...is not best solution use IP for determine language because IP sometime can be different...but nice work
  3. I just suggest to NEVER push firewall_enable="YES" before you have test that rules are OK. So...on /etc/conf add firewall_enable="NO" firewall_type="open" firewall_script="/etc/ipfw.rules" firewall_logging="YES" After start the firewall service ipfw onestart Now test if ALL is ok. If not, just reboot the machine... if ALL is ok, you can switch firewall_enable="NO" to "YES".
  4. DB -> Log -> Command Log Here you find all command launched Go to "game\src\cmd_gm.cpp" and search: "ACMD(do_item) "... here is located source about command /item
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