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  1. Hello @ all

    Welcome in the jungle @Tierri Lopes is Ape Lord (Señor Mono)
  2. Como Ativar E Configurar Ipfirewall

    I just suggest to NEVER push firewall_enable="YES" before you have test that rules are OK. So...on /etc/conf add firewall_enable="NO" firewall_type="open" firewall_script="/etc/ipfw.rules" firewall_logging="YES" After start the firewall service ipfw onestart Now test if ALL is ok. If not, just reboot the machine... if ALL is ok, you can switch firewall_enable="NO" to "YES".
  3. Quest Restrição Gm

    DB -> Log -> Command Log Here you find all command launched Go to "game\src\cmd_gm.cpp" and search: "ACMD(do_item) "... here is located source about command /item
  4. Hello ^^

    My first fan? Thank you
  5. Hello ^^

    Hello everyone, my name is Mike, i found this board on google and i'm happy to help to grow

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