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Texture Path Changer

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Texture Path Changer

Esta ferramenta serve para alterar a path das texturas que o vosso modelo(.gr2) vai buscar.


  1. pathdoficheiro: onde o ficheiro está no vosso computador(ex: C:\Users\xx\Desktop\modelo.gr2), podem escrever ou usar o botão "Load"
  2. 1/2/3...: ordem da listagem das texturas(abrir o modelo no Granny Viewer -> Texture List, a primeira textura apresentada será o valor "1", etc.)
  3. pathdatextura: pasta onde o jogo irá buscar a textura(ex: D:\ymir work\monster2\ovossomonstro\avossatextura.dds)


This tool is used to change the path of textures present in your model(.gr2) in-game.


  1. pathdoficheiro: where the model is located in your computer(ex: C:\Users\xx\Desktop\model.gr2), you can write the full path or you can use the "Load" button
  2. 1/2/3...: order in which your model shows its textures(open the model in Granny Viewer -> Texture List, the first texture shown is equal to "1" in order, etc.)
  3. pathdatextura: where the game will grab the texture(ex: D:\ymir work\monster2\yourmonster\yourtexture.dds)

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